An Intimate Evening with Mayor Tecklenburg

Updated: Apr 2, 2018

The feedback we have received from this latest event has been fantastic.  We wanted to present our guests with a truly intimate experience, and holding the event in a historic home achieved just that.

On a chilly Thursday evening, Red Carpet Charleston’s second event began at City Hall, where our guests were treated to a personalized tour of the building with Mayor John Tecklenburg and his staff.  The Chamber is the second oldest Council Chamber in continuous use in the United States. The two chandeliers, originally lit with gas, date back to 1850. Above the main floor is a visitors' gallery encircled by a bowed-cast iron railing. Exposed earthquake rods are

incorporated into the design of the hand-painted tin paneled ceiling, the perimeter of which contains the original 1896 Thomas Edison light bulbs that burned in the room until 1983. One of the original bulbs still remains and is apparently still working!!! The tour was informative and engaging, big thank you to the docent at City Hall for her interesting historical analysis. 

Guests were then treated to cocktails, heavy hors d’oeuvres, and a healthy dose of history at the Daniel Ravenel House (c.1796) just next door to City Hall.  Attendees were able to experience the elements of a historically preserved Charleston Single House and the associated hospitality that the Ravenel family graciously provided. 

The Mayor began the presentations by playing a tune on the grand piano in the drawing room, as attendees grabbed a cocktail and a seat.  Red Carpet Charleston organizer, Ruthie Ravenel, introduced our guest speakers.  Each speaker then briefly described their organization and opportunities for our guests to get involved.  

Winslow Hastie (Historic Charleston Foundation) opened the speakers with a history of the group and its revolving fund which was instituted to buy, restore, protect, and resell historic homes in the city, spurring local participation in preservation. He also addressed the city's growth and how to reconcile growth moving forward.

Lorraine Lutton (Roper St. Francis) explained about all the good work their three hospitals are doing and accolades related to the high level of quality they promote. She also discussed the fourth hospital under construction in Berkeley County. 

Sandy Morckel (Solutions for the Greater Good) addressed the crowd on community engagement and how to get involved in a number of non profit organizations as well as new initiatives across the city. 

John Osborne (Harbor Euntrepenuer Center) told us more about the growing tech sector in Charleston and his cutting edge incubator program for startups. One of his "Angel Partners" Stuart Bascomb gave us a first hand glimpse into the mentoring program they offer for angel investors and established professionals to help small business owners grow effectively and profitably. 

Alicia Gregory (Spoleto Festival USA) incoming Board Chair of the Spoleto USA Festival discussed the world renowned arts festival, and pointed out a number of compelling points including the fact that Spoleto produces their own operas!

Kathleen Cartland (Charleston Area Sports Commission) discussed the over 350 major destination sporting events which take place in Charleston each year, including the Cooper River Bridge Run, Charleston Classic Basketball tournament, and Volvo Tennis Cup event.

Mayor Tecklenberg wrapped up the evening with a powerful and emotional

message relating to the Emmanuel Nine tragedy that galvanized our community and ushered in his term as Mayor several years ago.  He reminded us of the forgiveness and grace shown by the families of the victims and also reminded us that Charleston is uniquely positioned to play a major role in the national discourse on inequality, being the primary slave port for the entire country in our historical interpretation and future growth as a society.

Each one of our Red Carpet Charleston events is meant to connect new residents to established business and philanthropic leaders within the city. The events are carefully curated with a diverse group of presenters, and attendance is capped at 50 people total to allow each attendee the ability to meet everyone in the room. 

As Charleston continues to attract top talent, international visitors, and positive press; meaningful connections between new arrivals and established community members and organizations are truly the key to the continued health of our wonderful city. 

Have a look at all the wonderful photos from the event here :

Photo Album

Thank you all for joining us for such a wonderful evening. We look forward to our next event May 31st!!


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